Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nature's Ways

Mayhaw blooms in ice

Moss-footed oak & crane-fly orchid leaves
Moss-footed oaks stand silently as the icy rain falls in the forest.  As the ice accumulates on each twig  and branch, the world becomes crystalized and enchanted.  Since it was 70 degrees F. on Saturday, a mayhaw (Cretaegus  opaca) down in the swamp decided to bloom.  Today in 32 degrees F. it has changed its mind.  The fickle Louisiana weather confuses everything.  In the leaf litter under the leafless oak canopy the crane-fly orchid's (Tipularia discolor) green leaves attempt to photosynthesize since the sunlight can reach them on the forest floor.  This plant will store food when the sun shines again to prepare for its spire of tiny orchids that bloom in late summer.  The leaves disappear at that time.  Nature's ways are fascinating if only one stops to look and ponder them.


  1. Great blog, Amy. The website is fantastic! So rewarding to see what you folks are doing with LEEA and the very professional website.

    Claudia Fowler

    1. Thank you so much, Claudia, for this and so much more. Yours is the first comment and I was beginning to wonder if anyone was reading it. I value your feedback a great deal.
      Warmest regards,