Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Reading

What to do on a cold, wet, winter day?  Read.  The book of the day is "MOONBIRD, A Year on the Wind with The Great Survivor B95" by Phillip Hoose.  Here is how Hoose starts this fascinating read:  "Meet B95, one of the world's premier athletes.  Weighing a mere four ounces, he's flown more than 325,000 miles in his life - the distance to the moon and nearly halfway back.  But changes throughout his migratory circuit are challenging this Superbird and threatening to wipe out his entire subspecies of rufa red knot."

This book makes me want to go look at shorebirds and do all that I can to save habitat for them.  B95 does not normally come to Louisiana on his migration route, but we have many shorebirds and other birds that rely on habitat here during the year.

I recommend this book.  Check it out from your library.

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